Snuggling up to Amazon

Why, someone in the audience wanted to know, is there a row of Amazon lockers in their local coop shop?

I was at an area meeting yesterday of the Co-operative Group, the place where ordinary members (you know, those of us with the yellow membership cards who collectively own this coop of ours) can have our say and ask questions of senior(ish) Co-operative Group elected members and staff.

The answer that came back from the platform is that the Amazon link-up is a pilot, a way of exploring whether people who pick up their Amazon deliveries after work may perhaps also stay to pick up, say, a Truly Irresistible coop ready-meal (and, who knows, some premium-priced sun-dried tomatoes, guacamole and stuffed olives) for their evening meal.

…although, to be fair, the members of the platform did look embarrassed when the question was posed.  There is, I’m afraid, no plausible answer to the question of why the Co-op Group is snuggling up to a global giant with a propensity for clever tax avoidance schemes and a reputation for being anti-union in its employment practices.

Talking of Amazon, are you thinking of buying a book soon?  There’s always Liverpool’s venerable workers’ cooperative bookshop News from Nowhere. They do mail order.

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