An antidote to the gloating and glee: coop event to discuss the way forward

‘Gloating’ – that’s the word which keeps coming to mind as I watch those in the City and at Westminster who are no friends of the idea of cooperative enterprise enjoy the chance to put the boot in.  The last few days have seen a gigantic outpouring of glee from these people.

The task of rebuilding Britain’s very strong tradition of values-based cooperative enterprise is one to be undertaken by those who do identify with the cooperative movement, and it is not surprising if at the moment morale is low.  That’s why I’m delighted to see details of the conference in Manchester on Fri January 17th, called by Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) and backed by the Society for Co-operative Studies and Suma Wholefoods coop.

As the organisers say, the enemies of cooperation are having a field day.  Their aim, they say, is to bring together coop members and activists to consider ways forward.  Among other things, they hope to launch a Charter for accountable member control for larger cooperatives.

You’ll find details of the event (which is being held in Manchester) here.


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