Charting the way forward for Britain’s coop movement

If you’re interested, my report of last week’s conference Ways forward for the co-op movement is now up on The Guardian’s website (here) and awaiting your comments. (Or of course you can also respond here on my blog).

Picking up on one of the points I took from the event, I think there is an urgent need for the UK cooperative movement to learn from (larger) coops abroad about how they handle their corporate governance and member engagement. I don’t necessarily think that large businesses can’t be run cooperatively, but it would be extremely helpful to know which coops have developed the best practice here. My own – very initial – thought on this is that there are a number of Canadian and French coop insurers which would be worth a close look.


One thought on “Charting the way forward for Britain’s coop movement

  1. Thank you for this Andrew and for your Guardian article. I wanted to go to the conference but was unable to attend. Do let your readers know how this initiative develops, as I hope it will, and how we can get involved.


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