Promoting workers’ coops in NYC

News from the US, where coop supporters in New York City met last week to campaign for more support to be given to the city’s embryonic workers’ cooperative sector. Hopefully, the time is right:  the mayoral election last November saw a Democrat Bill de Blasio take the helm, the first Democrat in charge since 1993.

New York currently has only 23 workers’ coops, although they include the very long established home care coop Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) which has over two thousand members. There’s also the successful women’s coop Si Se Puede! which undertakes domestic cleaning contracts and which has helped to raise the wages earned by its members in a notoriously low paid sector.

“There is widespread recognition that one key area where the city must act is to create jobs,” says a new report issued in conjunction with the conference. “Too few jobs have been created in recent years and too many are at poverty level wages. It is critical that the city support the creation of jobs that combat poverty and empower workers to build businesses rooted in the local communities. Considering that the largest job creator in New York City are small businesses (of which there are nearly 200,000), there is no better time than now to push for the creation of worker cooperatives.”

You’ll find the report here.


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