Better or worse than the rest? How are coops managing on management?

I mentioned last week that The Guardian is currently running a series of six pieces from me on the theme Can coops compete?  The second in the series considers management issues and was published today (here).

Are coops condemned to see the best and brightest management staff heading off to, say, Sainsburys or Tesco?  Or – in principle at least – can coops, because of their ethical values, attract more committed employees?

And what about the way coops train their staff?  Should cooperative business education be different from conventional business education?

One thought on “Better or worse than the rest? How are coops managing on management?

  1. Yes of course, co-operative managers should learn co-operative business management, rather than regular business management, based on a series of assumptions about what business is for that are not shared by co-operatives. Co-operative values and principles training then becomes nothing more than cosmetic slap. I think this is key to the current malaise – we have had great co-operators at the top – eg Graham Melmoth and at the grass roots – committed activists – but there’s a black hole at middle management level. We need a co-operative maagement training programme in the UK like the one in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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