Co-op Group launches “Have Your Say” survey

The Co-operative Group’s Have Your Say survey has now gone live on-line.

It asks a lot of the patience of its members (the survey says that it should ‘only’ take twenty minutes to complete, and this is probably about right), and it annoyingly does not tell you how far through the survey you have progressed:  I suspect a lot of people will give up half way through.

As a service to those who may be interested in seeing in advance what they will be asked, I have put up a ‘bootleg’ copy of the main questions here:

The survey has already attracted controversy (for example, in today’s Guardian) over the implicit steer towards rejection of the current funding given to the Co-operative Party. (I may return to this issue, and to some of the other areas of the survey, in a future blog.)  It also strikes me as a little cavalier of the Co-operative Group to call itself just ‘The Co-operative’ in the survey, as if the national brand was entirely its own affair.

In the meantime, let’s have a go at one of the early questions, What is the first word that would come to mind if you were asked to describe The Co-operative?  Democracy?  Quality? Ethics? Fairtrade?  Or maybe:  A venerable British institution rooted in working-class self-help which these days doesn’t always deliver value to its members and which needs to rediscover its principles and values?   Ah,  that’s more than a single word.


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