How to empower your money

An old friend, someone I first got to know a long time back when we both lived in the same housing cooperative, has emailed. She and her partner are currently in the middle of running a community share issue, where they’re hoping to raise the money to buy a much-loved local pub as a jazz music venue. They’re at the nerve-racking stage when they’re very close to raising the amount of money they need and have their fingers crossed that the final amount they’re after will come in.

I know the feeling: the town where I live has a little local pub renowned for its atmosphere and real ale, which the community has recently rallied round to save through a successful community share issue. The pub is due to reopen under cooperative ownership in a matter of days.

It’s important that we discuss ways that we can empower our money, in order to ensure that it is put to work for the same goals as we ourselves have, and I therefore welcome the growth in the community share movement in recent years. I’m not sure I can do a direct plug for my friend’s initiative (journalistic ethics and all that) but I can certainly help by mentioning the Microgenius website  which acts as the central point of contact for all current community-led share offers. Microgenius is worth bookmarking and checking regularly.


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