On men, and women, and cooperatives

One of the most striking aspects of the Quebec cooperative summit is how many of the plenary sessions and workshops have had panels composed entirely of women speakers, sitting together in their business attire but without a single man with them to provide gender balance.  Admittedly, there was a round table this morning where there were two men contributing, but the session I am attending as I write this is back to the norm: six women at the front discussing the way forward for the cooperative movement.


This is worth remarking upon, perhaps, if only because the CEO of host cooperative Desjardins is (unusually in the financial services world) a man, as of course is the current President of the International Co-operative Alliance.


Hang on a moment, I think this blog is coming out a bit wrong.  Could I ask you to change the above, substituting ‘men’ for ‘women’ and vice versa?


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