Reflections on the Quebec event

I think I have to wrap up the blogs which I’ve been putting in over the last few days from the Quebec cooperative summit with a final posting and, yes, it’s going to be a positive one.  Any large-scale event like this has its good and less good features but in the end something did emerge from out of it all. And the final afternoon concluded with a lively plenary which managed to capture some real energy and creativity and which did offer,  I think,  some hope for the future of a strengthened global cooperative movement.  Not all the faces on stage were the familiar ones, either:  it was good to see a young person, Gabriela Ana Buffa (the representative of the next generation of co-operators on the ICA Board), up there for example.

One familiar face who is never unwelcome is Pauline Green, the ICA President, who manages on occasions like this to bring out the necessary inspirational words to send delegates away in good heart.    She argued that more has been achieved in the two years since the 2012 UN Year of Cooperatives in bringing together a sense of cohesion between different parts of the very diverse coop community than at any time in its past history – a bold claim which, thinking about it, could indeed be the case.  And I liked Pauline Green’s message for young people:  bring some “edginess and radicalism” back to the movement, she said.

After the summit, perhaps, it’s onwards and upwards…

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