Young people: coops should critique capitalism

Censorship at Quebec?  The story is going the rounds that the summit organisers chose not to distribute a declaration from some of the young people who had been taking part in the parallel youth delegation activities because their text included the words (shock horror) ‘capitalist’ and ‘neoliberal’.

I’ve contacted the summit’s press office to see if this can be clarified.  In the meantime you’ll find the Youth Declaration up on the ICA website here. I think it’s rather good.

Here is the paragraph with the (alleged) naughty words:

“Our vision and expectation of the global cooperative movement is for it to transform an economy based on the individual accumulation of wealth and power into a system that serves the collective wellbeing of people and our planet through redistribution of resources and common ownership. We believe that there is an alternative to the capitalist economy. We want to be part of a cooperative movement that critiques the current system and actively rejects its focus on limitless growth. This means not emulating its institutions, looking to its leadership and theory for guidance, or staffing the management teams of our cooperatives with subscribers to neoliberal philosophy.”


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