Workers’ coops building solidarity

A cup of coffee this morning with Cath Muller from Cornerstone housing coop and Footprint Workers Coop in Leeds (well, the coffee was mine, Cath had a much healthier herb tea).

Cath reminded me of the work which many of the more progressive workers’ coops in Britain are doing at the moment to build the Worker Cooperative Solidarity Fund, an excellent initiative launched last year based on a vision of “a strong, growing and self-reliant network of successful workers’ co-operatives”.

It’s good to see that workers’ coops are getting together, as last year, for another weekend conference, being held in early May. During the fag-end of the later twentieth century when the retail cooperative movement was in dire straits it was the workers’ cooperative part of the movement which provided the energy and creativity. That energy is still needed today.


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