New edition of workers’ coop handbook

“Taking control of our own lives is an important step in the fight against the massive injustices and ecological devastation facing the world. Big companies and unaccountable governments may rule the planet, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Workers’ co-ops give us a chance to change a small but significant part of how things are.”

So reads the opening paragraph of How to set up a Workers’ Co-op, the highly practical handbook produced by Radical Routes.  The fourth edition of the guide, first produced twenty years ago, has just come out and is now available for purchase in hard-copy form for £7 or for downloading for nowt. In line with the handbook’s radical stance, the book is ‘anti-copyright’ – the idea is to encourage people to make use of the resources.

The workers’ coop movement may be small in Britain, but it is arguably the liveliest and most creative part of the UK coop scene. Radical Routes, and in particular its two member-coops Seeds for Change and Footprint whose members did the work of making the updates and editorial changes, deserve praise for this useful initiative.

You can download the handbook from


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