The birth of a co-op

I’m a co-op member.

Well, of course, I’m a member of a number of different co-ops, from the Co-operative Group to my local co-operative pub.  But, no, I mean that I’m a member of a new co-operative, one which will shortly begin trading. Our venture is, we strongly suspect, the first authors’ co-operative of its kind in the country. It is bringing together (initially) four of us who earn our living as professional writers, it will be specialising in books on the outdoors and the countryside, and it will enable us to jointly market our own titles under a shared co-operative brand.  After several meetings and weeks of discussion, the decision to proceed was taken last Friday (in a café in a small town in the Midlands).  There’ll be a press release when our first titles are out and I’ll tell you exactly who we are and the name we’ve chosen then…


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