Questions to be asked at the Phone Co-op’s AGM

The Phone Co-op’s AGM in Sheffield on Saturday February 3rd looks set to be an important occasion for the exercise of co-operative democracy and member participation.

I blogged more than a month ago about the Phone Co-op, one of the jewels in the modern British co-operative story. Vivian Woodell, who was the co-op’s Chief Executive since the start of the venture, stepped down during 2017 in circumstances which are, it has to be said, opaque.

As I said in my blog, “For any business, the resignation of a key person is a moment of greater uncertainty and risk.  If the Phone Co-op were a plc and not a co-op, institutional investors would by now have been interrogating the Board in detail to find out exactly what the strategy for the future would be – to see if really the Board knew what it was doing.”

I’m not sure that I know what the Phone Co-op’s Board does plan for the future. There is upbeat rhetoric in the documents I’ve received of increasing profits to £2m in 2021-22, but there is also talk of losses in the interim. I’m not sure I’ve been persuaded that the £2m figure is anything other than wishful thinking.

It is now clear that other members of the society share my uncertainty. There is a long, and important, motion for the AGM proposed by Toby Johnson which interrogates in detail the information the Board has supplied and asks among other things for the Board to specify at the AGM “the upper and lower limits of the range of projected profits and losses for each year of the 4-year strategy, and the assumptions underpinning these projections.” I think members would be well advised to support Toby’s motion.

The Board (who are of course elected Phone Co-op members who receive only a very small allowance for their role as non-execs) may at this stage be feeling a little beleaguered.  They shouldn’t feel this. Member engagement (in the way that Toby Johnson’s motion is doing) is a positive advantage of the co-operative business model. It means that it is more likely, not less, that the co-op follows a strategy which will allow the business to prosper. Any Board of a co-operative that understands the way to tap into the experience and good sense of all its members is a Board that is demonstrating confidence, not weakness.

We’ll have to see what happens in Sheffield.  It’s very unfortunate that the date clashes with another commitment I can’t avoid, but I hope that he meeting is well-attended, that members ask probing questions, and that the Phone Co-op is as a consequence set on a firm footing for the future.

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