Taking stock at the Phone Co-op

Co-operative democracy, as I predicted, was much in evidence at the Phone Co-op’s AGM in Sheffield on Feb 3rd.  There’s a good report of the event on Toby Johnson’s blog the link to which has been up here on a comment but which I’m mentioning again in case you’ve missed it.

The Phone Co-op’s (rather beleaguered) Board has appointed Jane Watts as their chair, someone whose strong record in the co-operative movement should help steady the ship. The Board has also moved quickly to call a Special General Meeting on April 28th, a smart move since if the Board hadn’t done this themselves then dissident members would probably have called for one anyway.

It’s still not clear to me whether the Phone Co-op’s strategy for growth – which involves considerably more risk than its way of operating in the past – is rooted on a strong business case or on over-optimism from the Board.  But at least all members are being encouraged to scrutinise the proposals carefully. The Phone Co-op remains one of the modern jewels of the co-op movement in Britain and needs to be looked after carefully.


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