Mytholmroyd – easy to say when you know

There are, I know, people who struggle to know how to pronounce the West Yorkshire town of Mytholmroyd.

The poet Ted Hughes was born there, and when Hollywood made the biopic of Hughes’ life with Sylvia Plath the actor playing the poet at one stage mentioned that he came from (deep breath) mith- om – m – royd.  Cue the sound of tittering at every cinema showing in West Yorkshire.

It’s migh- zhum –royd, with the emphasis on the first and third syllables.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I will be giving a talk at the Mytholmroyd Community Centre this Friday on Joseph Greenwood and the Hebden Bridge Fustian Manufacturing Co-operative Society, in my opinion one of the most important co-operatives in Britain during the later years of the nineteenth century. The talk is hosted by the Mytholmroyd Historical Society.  I am sure they would not turn away visitors.


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