Relaxing and cooperating at about 3mph

Sharing holiday accommodation on the basis that you can have it for some weeks and I’ll have it for others is such a sensible – and cooperative – way of arranging things that it’s maddening that timeshare has developed into an often highly dodgy commercial business.  So I’m delighted to have received an email which enables me to mention the narrowboat Jemima D which putters its way round England’s canal system in the best cooperative way possible.

Jemima D is, as a cooperative, owned by its various owners who arrange between them who will be using it when (and, given that canal boats move slowly, where).  I was once treated by one of the coop members to a day’s cruise down part of the Rochdale canal, and I warn you that lock gates can be bloody hard work. But don’t let that put you off. There are, I’m told, one or two shares in the coop now available. If you’re interested, contact them via their website.