News from the publishing industry

I promised I would report when my review of Stephen Yeo’s new book on George Jacon Holyoake had appeared in Co-op News.  It has:  it’s here.

And talking of new publications, I can’t resist mentioning that my own Back Roads through Middle England is out this week. Published by Britain’s first author-run publishing co-op, too: Gritstone Publishing.

Christmas present ideas, anyone?


The news about the News

I’ve been meaning for a while to mention here the February issue of Co-operative News (and not because it includes a nice little feature on Gritstone Publishing, the new authors’ co-operative of which I am a founder member – although that would of course be worth the mention!)

Co-operative News has been serving the movement since September 2 1871, and it remains a valuable tool. The decision has been taken – correctly, I think – to move from fortnightly to monthly publication, and the February issue is the first one in this new extended format. It works. The design is significantly better than previously and there’s a good range of news and features (the challenge now, of course, is to maintain this breadth of coverage).

Co-operative News is also undergoing a legal change and will very shortly be opening up membership of Co-operative Press Ltd, which produces the magazine, to its supporters and members. This also seems to me to be a valuable step forward. I’ll be becoming a member. We need CN.