On worker(s’) cooperatives

I was writing a piece yesterday about the way that cooperatives adhere – or sometimes don’t adhere – to core labour standards and fundamental rights in the workplace and was advised to have a look at the World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives, prepared by the global worker coop federation CICOPA and agreed in 2005. It’s good. I like the definition of workers’ cooperatives “having the objective of creating and maintaining sustainable jobs and generating wealth, in order to improve the quality of life of the worker-members, dignify human work, allow workers’ democratic self-management and promote community and local development”.

I hadn’t come across the Declaration before and should have done, I think. Well done, CICOPA.

Incidentally, just as we in Britain say tomahto and over in the States they say tomaato, we say workers’ coop and they say worker coop. How did that come about?  Should we try to come to some sort of agreement on this?